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REVIEW: Tell No One by Harlan Coben

Tell No One opens calmly enough, but Coben doesn’t waste much time before diving into the suspense the carries the book. David Beck’s wife was murdered some years ago – but he receives some emails that call his whole understanding of the murder into question. Although early on, Beck is written as too indecisive, Coben soon begins to tighten the web of loose connections that lead Beck on the trail of truth. When he does, the book is at its best – constantly moving the action around Beck and giving the reader enough of a taste to feel truly concerned for Beck, and truly invested in his mystery. The ultimate unraveling of that mystery is both satisfying and interesting – a strong feat for Coben.

The only real weakness in the book is in the use of technology. Now more than a decade old, the book’s descriptions of the Internet are severely outdated. But that should stop anyone looking for a read that keeps the pages turning.


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