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Learning Our Online System, Mini-Lesson #3: Reading History

This is the third in a series of tips on using our online catalog and your online account with Griffin Free. Today we will go over your reading history, which is available to you if you log into your account. If you need a login and password for your library account, please let us know.

Once you have logged into your account – accessible through our online catalog – you will see a menu of choices along the left side of your screen. For today’s lesson, choose “My Reading History”.

You will see a list of all checkouts and renewals that you have had with Griffin Free (dating back 5-7 years, depending on various factors). By default, these are arranged in order by date of checkout or renewal, but you can also choose to organize them by title.

This is a very useful tool for people who read series or who have trouble remembering whether they have read a certain book in the past. Also, if you are trying to read everything by a particular author, this page can really provide assistance to your bookkeeping.

Other than library staff, you are the only person who is able to access this information. However, if you would prefer that your record not be saved, you can choose to delete the record from the “My Privacy” tab. If you change the setting to “never” your history will disappear completely and nothing will be stored past the date you return items. If you choose “immediate deletion” you will lose all currently stored data, but everything checked out from now on would still be stored.

Please note that any changes to your settings for reading history are irreversible.

For more help on keeping track of series and authors, try our eSequels database subscription, available to all Griffin Free patrons at no charge. The link for access is on the front page of, and the password is available from any member of library staff.


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