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What’s New?

Over the past year, the staff here at Griffin Free has been working to update many of our library services. One that we are very happy to promote is our acquisition of new books and other materials on a regular, ongoing basis. I thought it might be nice to summarize all the different ways we are working to get the newest, hottest, and most sought-after materials for your enjoyment.

So here is a quick rundown of all the “new” coming into Griffin Free:

  • Our “standing order” list means we automatically order and receive books from approximately 50 of the most popular fiction authors, with many available no more than a couple days after they are released
  • Audiobooks continue to come in through our lease program, 14 new every 3 months. Beginning in 2014, we will be purchasing audiobooks – meaning newer ones more often and more quickly!
  • New children’s, non-fiction, and biographies are being ordered regularly, with new arrivals usually multiple times each month
  • We receive 4 popular large-print titles every month, chosen by our vendor. So far, these have been outstanding books!
  • DVDs are being ordered every other month, usually between 8 and 12 titles depending on price. We are focused on getting new release movies and popular TV shows.

If you still manage to come in and not find something you are looking for, we are happy to accept suggestions for purchase, or to look for items through Interlibrary Loan. We hope you are enjoying the great things that are happening at Griffin Free!


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