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The Glorious Days of Summer

Depending on when you are reading this, today might not feel like we are approaching summer, but rest assured that we really are!

In our last post, we gave some information on our summer reading program, which is always a highlight of the season at Griffin Free. Stay tuned for more details on those programs. This post, however, is about some of the other great things happening here this summer.

Looking for Programs?

On Monday, June 9th at 7:00, we feature a New Hampshire Humanities Council program, “Your Hit Parade”: twenty-five years ¬†presenting America’s top popular songs. This program will present the history and wonderful music that came from the hit radio and early television program. We still have spaces available for those interested in attending.

In July or August (details TBD) we will be hosting a program about “Getting Started in Genealogy” for those interested in exploring their family histories. We are very excited to be bringing this educational opportunity to Auburn!

Additionally, we will continue to host storytimes for infants and toddlers, and activity programs for older children and teens each month through the summer. We are constantly looking at the attendance and feedback from these programs to determine our future schedules, so please be sure to attend if you can and let us know if you would like to have more of these programs.

Around the Library

Our outstanding patio – an Eagle Scout project from last year – should have some furniture by early July. That will be a great place to catch a little sun and read, or simply enjoy the warm weather.

The last weekend of July once again brings the annual Griffin Free Public Library book and media sale, held in the AVS gymnasium. This year, we are expecting another bumper crop of great books and other items for sale. Additionally, we will be welcoming the return of the Friends of Griffin Free Public Library, who will be providing baked goods, beverages, hot dogs, and chips at a very reasonable cost for all our hungry shoppers!

The staff has been working for a couple months on inventorying the library collection to ensure that our online catalog matches what is on our shelves. We anticipate that project will finish up over the summer and you will see a much cleaner and more accurate picture of the collection when you search online.

Odds and Ends

The library is looking to make some cosmetic improvements with our “Library Bags” display – and we encourage you to donate any library bags from other libraries (near or far). That display should be up this month. We also are planning a display of some artwork from local students as well as doing a little colorful painting in our children’s room later in the summer.

Finally, we will be putting out initial information about our new homebound program in August. This program will deliver materials to people who are homebound due to medical or transportation issues, and will start in autumn. We will be looking for people who want to participate, and who want to volunteer to deliver to our participants. We are excited to provide this new service to the people of Auburn!


Hopefully, that catches you up on a lot of the things happening here over the next few months. We hope you will continue to visit the library in between camping trips and family vacations and trips to the beach. We are here for you, and we appreciate you being a part of Griffin Free!


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