Griffin Free Public Library – Auburn, NH

The Children’s Room – now with 100% more color!

We hope that you will share our excitement over our newly completed painting of the children’s room. We have been trying to come up with cost-effective ways of improving the appearance and atmosphere of the library, and all the high ceilings with bright white walls were just too overwhelming. Not long ago, we posted about our “wall of library bags” which continues to get new bags for display.

Now we have added a much-needed dose of color to the children’s room, via an upper border of fun, vivid colors. We hope this will make our children’s room even more special for you and your little ones, and that you will enjoy the bright colors and fun patterns on your next visit to Griffin Free. Here are some pictures so you can preview the painting before you come by!


Special thanks to Lucie Ladew, who handled the painting for us and did a spectacular job. Thank you for helping Griffin Free! We look forward to sharing Lucie’s work with you on your next visit.


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