Griffin Free Public Library – Auburn, NH

10 Fun and Useful Ways to Spend an Hour at Griffin Free

  1. Look through our magazines for recipes to use later.
  2. Conduct some family research using the library’s Ancestry database account.
  3. Examine the many artifacts of Auburn and the surrounding area in our museum cases.
  4. Brush up on a favorite from your childhood, or look through some picture books – there’s nothing wrong with feeling young again!
  5. Have a member of our staff help you in setting up online access to your account, and practice using it so you don’t forget.
  6. Play with some of the stuffed animals and toys in our children’s room, to get the creativity flowing!
  7. (In summer) enjoy some sun and relaxation on our patio.
  8. Read the Auburn Crier and the Hippo (available free!).
  9. Test an audiobook or three, and see if you can get hooked on listening.
  10. Check-out our Orion telescope and bring it home to view the night sky.

We love our special events and programs, but every day can be a fun day here at Griffin Free. Why not give some of these a shot?

Thank you for being a part of Griffin Free!


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