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The Hidden Effects of Winter

We are all acutely aware of how the winter weather can affect hours of operation (check this post for more information on our closing procedures) but there are a few other things we thought we would share about how winter is effecting Griffin Free.

Parking: Even in the nicest weather, parking at Griffin Free is pretty limited. If you only visit to pick up a book occasionally, you might not really notice. But during well-attended events, our lot…and the shoulder of Hooksett Road in front of the building, and the shoulder of Hooksett Road across the street, and the far side of our parking lot…all tend to fill up pretty quickly. With the massive piles of snow, we are down even a couple spots beyond normal.

Outdoor Sign: Changing the letters on our outdoor sign takes a little time, and so we typically don’t change the sign much in bad weather. This includes not only the snow, but the bitter cold temperatures we’ve been under for the last month. Be sure that as soon as we can get to it without freezing, we will update our sign with some of the great things we have happening.

Donations: Every year, we reuse lots of the boxes from the book sale to store our next set of donated and discarded books. However, our shed door tends to freeze itself shut when we are below 32 for too long. And of course, the last month has pretty much constantly been just that. While we hope to alleviate this problem come spring, we are “stuck” for now. So our donations are piling up and creating a bit more of a mess than we would like in the library.

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through these issues. Happy reading!


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