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One of the recurring questions I receive is, “How can I keep track of everything that I have read?”

We obtain our books from different sources: print library books, downloadable library books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and friends to name just a few sources. It can be a lot to remember. Good news! There are FREE websites that will help you track what you have read.

The one I use is This easy to use website will let you track what you have read, what you are reading and what you want to read as well as books that you own. It provides summary information on books, allows users to rate and review books and will alert you to forthcoming titles that you might be interested in reading based on your past reading history. You may also choose to link to your Facebook page or with friends on Goodreads to share your reading interests. If you have a smart phone, you can also download the Goodreads app for quick and easy access!

As an extra bonus, you may also register to win new and forthcoming books for FREE! Last year, Goodreads gave away more than 300,000 books through their Giveaway program. I just won my first free book and received it a week before it could be purchased. The Giveaway has historically been for print books only, but Goodreads has just added Kindle Ebook Giveaway as well.

— Kathy Growney



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