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REVIEW: Children of Eden, a novel by Joey Graceffa

Are you looking for a coming of age dystopian novel that you will not be able to put down? Look no further than Children of Eden: A Novel by New York Times bestselling author, Joey Graceffa. Set 200 years into the future, the human race has destroyed the planet and most of the population with it. The survivors live in an enclosed area while waiting for the Earth to heal. Due to the limited resources, each family is permitted to have one child.

When one family has twins, they can only publicly raise one child. Their second child, Rowan, is kept a secret and hidden away. She can never leave the house, go to school or make friends. Whenever someone comes over to their house, Rowan must quickly hide and stay out of site. Discovery would result in her death.

One night after 16 years in hiding, Rowan sneaks out of her house and ventures into the city for the first time. Although she makes a friend and returns home before her family realizes she is gone, Rowan’s night out results in tragedy and forces her to become a rebel on the run.

This absorbing book is the first in a series and is available in the Young Adult section of Griffin Free. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait for us to add the next book in the series to our shelves.

– Kathy Growney


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