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The Book Sale is Coming!

It’s that time once again – time for you to stock up for a year of reading at bargain prices!

This year’s Annual Book Sale will take place from 8-3 on Saturday, July 28 and 11-3 on Sunday, July 29 at the Auburn Village School gymnasium (11 Eaton Hill Road in Auburn, NH). We will again fill the place with thousands and thousands of books from all genres, movies, CDs, games, puzzles, and more! In fact, we have received over 8,000 donations so far for this year’s sale!

Donations will continue to be accepted until July 24 at the Griffin Free Public Library when we are open. We will start taking donations again in August after the book sale, so do not worry if you miss the deadline! Please DO NOT bring your book donations to the school gym or to the Book Sale.


On Sunday, we throw out the price lists and offer you one of our plastic bags (so that everyone has the same size bag). You can fill it as full as possible for only $5 – and you can get as many bagfuls as you want! Please note that we will supply all bags for this promotion in order to ensure a fair deal for everyone.

In addition to the sale, we have the Friends of Griffin Free Public Library providing very reasonably priced coffee, baked goods, and drinks to help keep your energy up.

The book sale helps provide Griffin Free with funds for use on programming, unexpected expenses, new projects, and improvements that are not covered by our normal budget.

Please mark your calendars, and we’ll see you at the sale!



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