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How to Log Your Child’s Summer Reading

UPDATE: Here is the link for logging into ReadSquared: . Remember, to login you need your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

Following are directions on how to log your child’s reading in ReadSquared when you have created a family account. The key to remember, is that children ages 6 – 12 years of age are counting minutes this year.

If you have created a family account that includes you (the parent/guardian) with your child(ren) attached, when you login it will default to you. In the example below, the adult is “Kathryn Growney”.

To log books under your child’s name, you need to switch views by going to your name in the upper left hand corner and clicking on the drop down menu:

In the above case, the child’s name of Isi Growney now appears. Click on the child’s name and the screen will update:

You may now select the “Log Reading” button highlighted above.

As the system is tracking the number of minutes for children, you will need to click on the “Minutes” button. None of the other buttons will allow you to enter in your child’s reading.

For teens and adults, you would select the “Book” tab to record your reading.

If you need additional assistance, please ask for Kathy at 603.483.5374 or


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