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REVIEW: Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

This well written book grabbed me at the beginning. The first line reads, “The year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie.” I have wanted to read this highly acclaimed historical fiction book for over a year ever since a twelve year-old girl told me it was the best book she ever read. I would recommend it for anyone in middle school through adult. In fact, my family book club is currently reading it.

The story evolves around an eleven year-old girl named Annabelle who lives on a farm in 1943 with three generations of her family.  The book tells the story of how she learns that what she said and did mattered. So, yes, it is a coming of age story, but without the stereotypical teenage angst that is often associated with this category of books.

Annabelle’s life has been fairly uneventful up until now, but that changes when a new girl arrives at school and begins to bully Annabelle. It becomes more complicated when a stranger arrives in town. Toby is a drifter who ends up staying and making a home in an abandoned smokehouse. He keeps his distance from the townsfolk while wandering the hillsides with three rifles on his back.

This book raises questions about how we unconsciously treat strangers based on their looks and in turn, how this informs our actions. It shines a light on how town gossip can spread quickly based on rumors without facts to support it. It also highlights how one person can work to make a difference, and yet how much easier it is when the weight of the burden is shared.

Griffin Free Public Library has multiple copies of this book in print. The ebook and streaming audio version are available at All you need is a Griffin Free Public Library card to access it.

Kathy Growney


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