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Hoopla Update

During the past few months Griffin Free has seen a significant rise in our digital check-outs. For example, the below graph shows monthly checkouts by format for Hoopla. You can see a clear rise in April and May:

Although we had anticipated Hoopla usage to grow and budgeted accordingly, we did not anticipate the current situation. In order to stay within our annual budget, there are monthly and daily caps placed in the system, which we are now beginning to hit, despite the additional funding already redirected to this resource since the pandemic hit.

What does this mean? If our daily funds have already been spent, you will receive the following notice on your screen and not be able to checkout your title until the following day:

What do you do if you receive this notice? Try and checkout your material earlier in the day before the daily budget cap is hit. If you stay up late, checkout your material after the midnight threshold passes.

You may also checkout ebooks and streaming audio that’s available through our other service:

In the meantime, we are also exploring additional funding sources to boost our electronic holdings.

If you have questions or feedback on this, or any of our resources, please contact Kathy Growney, Library Director at 603.483.5374 or


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