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Griffin Reviews: “The Dog Stars” by Peter Heller

Looking for a book set in the not too distant future about a worldwide pandemic? The Griffin Free Public Library has got you covered.

The Dog Stars written by Peter Heller in 2012 doesn’t predict the 2020 coronavirus pandemic but it demonstrates how much worse it could have been. Our narrator and pilot, Hig, is a lonely survivor of a flu that has wiped out his family and most of the world’s population. Set in Colorado, with his dog and neighbor Bangley, an ex-Navy seal, they make the best surviving in an abandoned airport. Hig and Bangley carve out a life where they can cover the basics to stay alive, but the location attracts those willing to kill for easy food and shelter. This puts the two on constant surveillance for threats from those who would take away what they have built. Nearby survivors on their own compounds provide distractions for Hig to help others when he can but he must maintain a 15 foot “social” distance to prevent disease spread.  Restless and wondering what could be out there, Hig sets off in his plane to track down a mysterious radio transmission he heard years earlier out of Grand Junction, Colorado, hundreds of miles away. Despite the dangers, Hig wrestles with the desire to find out if there are others out there beyond his perimeters and what could be…  

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