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Griffin Reviews: “The Weekday Vegetarians” by Jenny Rosenstrach

Warning! Before I share how much I enjoyed this cookbook I should warn you: I like vegetables.  If you are not a veggie fan you may want to consider another cookbook 🙂

“The Weekday Vegetarian” by Jenny Rosenstrach was written with the premise that you can choose to eat vegetarian during the week and splurge on other foods on weekends. Rosenstrach, like many others, opted to eat vegetarian for environmental and health related reasons. Her cookbook is a result of that decision, and contains tasty yet easy to follow recipes. Rosenstrach discovered that if her meal plans were straightforward and enjoyable she would be more likely to continue eating a plant based diet. My family enjoyed Andy’s Spicy Diced Potatoes, Three Bean Chili Bowls and Pizza Salad with White Beans. If you’ve ever thought of going vegetarian, or simply want to include more meat-free meals into your diet, definitely give this book a try!

Bon appetit!

~ Jamie L’Italien


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