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WiFi Hotspot Lending Policy & Borrowing Agreement

By signing this form, you agree you are responsible for returning ALL hotspot items. You are responsible for payment if these items are missing. You also agree to return the hotspot to a Griffin Free Public Library staff member when the library is open. The hotspot may not be placed in the outside drop box.

  1. Hotspot check-out is for two weeks by a single patron or family in good standing age 18 or older.
  2. Hotspots must be returned to library staff inside Griffin Free Public Library. Please make an appointment to return it by calling 483-5374 during library hours. Hotspots cannot be returned in the outside drop box.
  3. If the hotspot is damaged or missing parts, the patron will be charged the following amounts:

Sprint Hotspot Device               $   72

Mini USB cord                              $   10

Coolpad travel charger             $   10

Instruction pamphlet                $     5

Carrying case                                $    12

Missing or damaged parts are charged the individual amounts. If the entire kit is unusable or unreturned, the total cost is $84 ($72 + $12)

  • Hotspots not returned after being overdue will incur the maximum fine and hotspot borrowing privileges will be suspended. The hotspot subscription will be turned off. Reactivation and replacement will be billed to the patron as specified.
  • Please treat the hotspot with care, keeping it in a clean, dry, dust-free place and safe from liquids, extreme temperatures and from being dropped. Storing it in a car is not appropriate or safe. The hotspot comes with the power cord, the charger, and instruction pamphlet as well as health and safety pamphlet. Please make sure all items are stored together in the carrying case when not in use.

Griffin Free Public Library

WIFI Hotspot Lending Policy & Borrowing Agreement

I, ___________________________________________, have read and understood the complete Griffin Free Public Library Hotspot Lending Agreement and take full responsibility for the hotspot I am checking out.

_____________________________________________                                _________________

Signature of Patron                                  Patron Card #                                           Date


Phone Number (including area code)

Staff Use Only


Staff member name: _______________________________              Date & time: _____________

Device: Hotspot            Barcode #: ___________________                   Due Date: _______________

  • Hotspot is inside its carrying case, with the power cord, plug, and two pamphlets
  • Patron contact info confirmed
  • Copy of this agreement is given to the patron


Staff member name: ___________________________________    Date & time: ____________

Device: Hotspot            Barcode #: ______________________

  • Hotspot returned directly to GFPL staff member (not in drop box)
  • Hotspot is turned on, tested, and functional
  • Hotspot is inside its carrying case, with the power cord, plug, and two pamphlets

If damaged, please note here:

______________________________________________________________________________ (Return damaged hotspot to Director with completed form)

Approved by the Board of Trustees: January 11, 2021


Griffin Free Public Library
22 Hooksett Road / PO Box 308
Auburn, NH 03032



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