Griffin Free Public Library – Auburn, NH


Did you know that Griffin Free is a Pokemon Gym and that there is a geocache across the road from us? We would love to have you stop in and visit, use our free WiFi and help you find all the books, graphic novels and movies that interest you. We purchase new YA material all the time. If you have any input as to what is popular or what you like to read or watch, please let us know – you could help shape the future of Griffin Free.

Web Links for Teens

Griffin Free is always on the lookout for great web links to post here. If you have suggestions, please let us know.


Purdue OWL – If you are looking for information on how to write a better paper, including everything you need to know to use MLA format, this is the place.

CNN – All the latest news and current events, from a trusted source.

Wikipedia – Need to know the basics? On pretty much anything? Start here. (But be sure to check out the links provided in each article for even better information.)

How Stuff Works – Learn how stuff works. The title pretty much sums that up.

Khan Academy – Video tutorials on almost every school topic, including basic to advanced math, science, history, and computers. Incredible free homework help!


Some of you might be happy to use the tools on our Find a Good Book page. But here are a few designed just for teens.

Reading Teen – Lots of reviews and articles discussing topics in YA books.

Teenreads – Lots more reviews and articles, but also great interviews with YA authors and the Ultimate Reading List, for those of you with a lot of time.

Reading Rants – Even more reviews and author information. Another great place to find a new book to read, or discover an author you might be interested in.


Addicting Games – Yeah, I know there are a lot of great games sites. But this is the one I like best.

Geocaching – Auburn has a lot of geocaches around the lake. Happy hunting!

Snopes – Learn about all the urban legends you’ve ever seen, and many you haven’t. Some of them are even true!

IMDB – The Internet Movie Database. Gives you everything you need to know about movies, TV shows, actors and actresses, and movie screw-ups.

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